Stove Top Tea Kettles

By | January 23, 2017

I love stove top tea kettles

Drinking tea is a sacred moment for me. I do not know what it is but I treasure my monets of drinking a hot cup of tea quietly in the early morning hours at tha start of a very busy day. Growing up, I was not allowed to drink tea as a child… It was considered very bad and I remember sneaking around and taking a sip when I could.

Today I make my own cup at home and love it.

The way we make tea is using water, tea and milk and sugar to taste. We also drink black tea and tea is had many times in the day. Though the climate is rather hot, we still prefer to have hot tea, not the iced variety.

We used to use a kettle or a small vessel to make tea and usually it was kept aside and not mixed with other cooking vessels. When I came across a stove top tea kettle I was amazed, I never knew you could heat glass or was it material which looked like glass… Anyways, my first stove top kettle was a gift, which I had to leave behind when we moved the country … Oh, we left behind so many things close to my heart…

Stove Top Tea Kettles Review ~ What matters most?

Stove Top Kettle versus Electric Kettle

Stove top tea kettles come in various materials but, these don’t really matter. Things which do matter are:
* Stove top kettles take longer to boil than an electric kettle
* There is no timer to automaticaly switch off
* If left for longer periods, they can break and can be dangerous…

Old Mountain 10129 Pre-Seasoned 2-Quart Cast Iron Tea Kettle

This wood stove tea kettle has 2 Quart capacity and has Old Mountain logo embossed on lid.


How to Choose a Good Stove Top Kettle

What is the use of the kettle? To make tea, boil water?
How many cups would you require each time? For my family 2 cups are required per sitting so we went for a smaller one… If you have a larger family you can choose the 7 cup variety available
Frequency of use .. If you use the kettle very often, experts suggest to go in for the electric version.. I still went with the Stove top version though as I just love the look and gas is cheaper where I live ..
Does it have a good wide spout and a handle? I never thought this would be important, till I struggled with the one I had.. I couldnt pour out the tea with ease and had to discard it as it didnt make my life easy.

Which one should I buy?

Stove To Kettles Come in Various materials.. Choose One

While looking for stove top kettles I was amazed at the various materials available. There is Aluminium, glass, stainless steel, cast iron, brass and more.
I loved the Glass stove kettles, they are stylish, look elegant and modern… I love the fact that I can see the leaves boil so gently and then the colours just swirl … These kettles are easy to clean but are less durable and cannot come in direct contact with flame. You must use a metal piece under the kettle to prevent high temperatures from cracking it.

Cast Iron Teapot on Stove

Cast iron tea kettles are heavy and will rust over time but they heat evenly and maintain the heat for longer periods. They kind of make you feel you were living long long ago… They are hard to clean and dry. Apparently there are a few kettles in the market which are rust resistant.

Some say that copper can make the water taste metallic and tend to avoid these.. They prefer stainless steel kettles with copper bottoms…

Cast Iron Pot tea set

Buy Japanese Cast Iron Pot tea set Black ARR w/ Trivet

Copper Stove Top Tea kettles

Copper tea kettles have that vintage look.. They boil water faster and they are a bit sturdier. They tend to require a lot of polishing though, but, look lovely in the kitchen.

Copper Whistling Teakettle 2 Qt makes a great Copper Stove top Kettle