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By | September 4, 2016

What type of SPANX Cami is Best for You? A Hide & Seek Cami, A Body Shaping Cami or an Open Bust Cami?

Did you know there are many different kinds of Spanx Camis?

When you think of a Cami, you probably get a picture of a lycra-type intimate top with thin straps. Well change the picture in your head, ’cause there’s a whole new world of Camis out there.

The Spanx Cami comes in a variety of styles, so you can Cami-it-up (or in) anyway you want! You can also take it a step further and get a Spanx Slip to complete your undergarment intimates.

Spanx Cami Featured


SPANX Open Bust Cami

Body Shaper with Your Own Bra

Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust CamisoleSpanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole

Now for something a little bit different: If you like to wear your own bra, but don’t want a Spanx Cami to be worn over that bra adding compression, then this Spanx Cami is perfect for you.

You will get the benefit of decorating your outer top with the bra you most like, while still being able to smooth and tighten under your bust line and your midriff.

You can get the Open Bust Cami in Black or Nude, so it can be concealed with outer top color coordination, while still leaving the option open to add a bra of a contrasting color.



SPANX Slimplicity V-Neck Camisole – Plus Size

Plus Size Spanx for Smoothing

You will find this Cami from sizes 1X Plus to 3X Plus, however sometimes only certain sizes are in stock. At the time of writing, 1X Plus and 3X Plus are in stock. But certainly check for yourself to see if that’s changed.
This SPANX Cami helps to smooth and firm your midriff. It creates a smooth line on your frame smoothing the look of your outer clothing. Also, I know we women don’t like the always dreaded “back-fat”, so this Cami is made with a higher back to help prevent this problem.






SPANX Plus Size Lingerie Strap Cami

For those Who prefer Adjustable Straps

SPANX Plus Size Lingerie Strap CamiSpanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Camisole – White – XLarge

The XL size measures 16inches from center front. You can get this Cami in sizes from X-Large to 3X.

This Cami has adjustable straps so you can find the shoulder height that fits you best. Plus if your weight tends to go up and down, then having straps that you can adjust gives you more value with a Spanx Cami like this one.

Although it’s called a “Lingerie Cami”, you don’t have to wear it to bed! Because it features a lovely V-Neck, It can also be worn under a blazer or short jacket.



SPANX Hide & Sleek Body Smoothing Cami

Lighter Weight Cami, great for Travel

Lighter Weight Cami, great for TravelSPANX Hide & Sleek Body Smoothing Cami

If you’re planning a holiday and want to look great, or if you just travel a great deal, this Spanx Cami will comfortably fit under your travel tops. You can purchase several Spanxs Camis (…oh and by the way, Spanxs is not the plural to Spanx)

Wear this under a T-Shirt or a Dress Shirt, and enjoy the lighter feel.





SPANX Slim Cognito Body Shaping Cami

For Those Who Love to go Braless

If you don’t like wearing a bra, this Spanx Cami may be good for you.

SPANX Slim Cognito Body Shaping Cami 210 -Large(Black)

SPANX Slim Cognito Body Shaping Cami 210 -Large(Black)

It has been designed to slim and firm without a bra. The bottom is a little longer and has a hem sewn in that is designed to help keep the cami in place. Although this Cami will help smooth out your midriff and back, it’s especially designed to help shape your upper body.

Non-Spanx Popular Cami Choices

Find Camis that are not SPANX, but still often used as a cami solution.
Strapless Cami – (Not Spanx)

A Strapless Cami is great to wear underneath a dress, or sexy top. They make your figure look hot because they’re such a form fitting garment.

Strapless CamisoleThese non-spanx camis are moderately inexpensive, so you may be able acquire all three colors (black, nude, mahogany) as accent pieces for your wardrobe.

Try dressing up a pair of jeans with this strapless cami, a small jacket, heels and a matching bag.

A strapless cami can be very slimming. This cami also has the added feature of removable straps that can be criss crossed, or removed for a halter look.

The shapely tight fit will help define your figure and the finish helps t o prevent folds and unsightly lines.

What’s nice is, this strapless cami will help to flatten and smooth out your midsection.

These camis are great to wear underneath a dress, or sexy top.  Because they make your figure look it’s best, they’re ideal as a form fitting under garment.

Best of all these camis are moderately inexpensive, so you can acquire all three colors (black, nude, mahogany) as accent pieces for your wardrobe.

These tops also look great with low cut jeans; Put on a stunning pair of heels, add a short jacket and a great bag, and you’ll have a gorgeous look.

You could also try this strapless cami with a flowing a-line skirt. The  flare of the skirt would give you that full look on the bottom, while the top would provide a lovely tight fitting contrast. Wear flats or heels with your skirt, dressing it up or down depending on the time of day.[amazon-related-products keywords=”Strapless Cami”]

Cami Secret

If you don’t like to wear an actual Cami, then Cami Secret may solve your problem without adding another layer of clothing. In warmer climates this may be an ideal choice.

Sometimes called a “Cami Dickie” (don’t laugh), it’s designed for too-low tops as an insert that looks just like a camisole. It easily snaps onto your bra strap with specially designed clips that actually go around your strap. The Cami will slide up and down depending on how much of the girls you want to cover, or not cover.[amazon-related-products keywords=”Cami Secret”]

Long Cami (Not Spanx)

This particular Cami is a very popular choice. It’s a long cami, and is great for that peek-a-boo look when you layer a top over it; the bottom is long enough to show.

It doesn’t have a a built in bra and because of that forms nicely to your body. The fact that it’s a stretchy material, made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex also helps you maintain a nice sleek look. The material is ideal for a long cami.[amazon-related-products keywords=”Long Cami”]

The Origin of SPANX

Celebrities talk about wearing Spanx along with the founder of Spanx explaining her product’s beginnings.