Spanx Body Shapers

By | May 2, 2016

Spanx Body Shapers, The Celebrity Choice For Getting Rid Of Unsightly Fat Bulges

Sometimes we all need a bit of help getting rid of back of the bra bulges and belly rolls and that is where Spanx comes in..

Why worry about bra bulge, tummy rolls and fat back. Spanx will smooth and compress to make you look like a star.

Spanx is the leader in body shaping undergarments and now fashion tops and swimsuits for women in addition to t-shirts for men and and is a staple for celebrities.
You didn’t think that celebrities had perfect bodies all the time — did you?

So What Is Spanx?
Spanx is a revolutionary product that holds you in and eliminates unsightly bulges and rolls.

Although Spanx holds you in like a girdle, Spanx is lightweight and comfortable, very much different than old fashioned girdles.

Spanx can smooth you from the top of your décolletage to your ankles and every place in between.

Spanx can be worn with shorts, strapless fashion tops, long pants, long gowns, day or evening.

You see Spanx is not just one item but a full array for every one of your fashion needs.

You don’t know how good you can look until you’ve tried Spanx!

Spanx Bra-llelujah! Front-Close Underwire Bra

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There are a few different versions of this popular sculpting bra with this particular model being the most popular.
This is also the bra that you have seen showcased on many of your favorite television shows.
While it offers full coverage and support, the look is much sexier than most and you’ll find yourself feeling much more “feminine” than some of the other support bras in the market.
Personally, I want and need a good support bra but I hated wearing one that made me feel like I was in a torture chamber and one that looked like it came out of an old gladiator movie.

Yes, I know that you don’t go around showing off your bra to the world, but just like when your Mother use to tell you to always wear clean underwear just in case of an emergency, if I cam in an emergency I want to have on a nice looking bra & this one looks as nice as it feels. 🙂


Mama Spanx Maternity Footless Pantyhose

SPANX Mama Spanx Footless Pantyhose, D, Black

So you are probably thinking to yourself that when you are pregnant you are suppose to look pregnant so why would you want to smooth your belly area? Am I right?

Unless you have really stuck to your pregnancy diet, you have probably already found that in addition to your belly expanding your butt, thighs and upper legs have also grown in size.

This footless pantyhose will help to smooth out those “now flabby” areas while it gently supports your back and add a bit of comforting support under your belly, kind of where you often find your hand rubbing your belly for comfort.
Your belly will be as big and as beautiful as it was meant to be, you’ll just have help for the other areas.

Spanx Famous “No Bra Lines” Bra

The First Ever All Hosery Bra – You’ve Got To Wear it To Believe It!
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 This is the most popular item in the Spanx line and once you put one on and take a look in the mirror you will know why.

Unlike other bras that have hooks, clasps or wire lines that can show through your clothing, Bra-llelujah slips over your head with no “hardware” to show.

The microfiber fabric is as soft and comfortable as it is supportive and is available in sizes up to a 42 DD.

Spanx For Men

When your man wants to look good, I mean really good, he can now also take advantage of the power of Spanx.
Although there are not quite as many different styles available there are a few ans this is one of my favorites.

SPANX Cotton Compression Crew Neck T-Shirt


Spanx Slimming Swimwear – The Spanx Look and Feel That You Love Now in a Spanx Swimsuit

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Spanx Swimsuits take away that dreaded feeling that you get when it’s time to put on your swimsuit.

We all rely on Spanx to keep up looking good in our clothes and the 2012- 2013 swimsuit season brings us
figure flattering Spanx Swimsuits!

Yes, Spanx swimsuits smooth out the rolls, flattens your tummy and flatters your figure and is no longer just for red carpet celebrities.

So ladies, it’s time to hit the beach, lounge by the pool or go on that exotic cruise and strut your stuff!
You’re looking good in Spanx Swimwear.