Slimming Swimsuits That Will Make You Look Fabulous

By | May 1, 2016

Slimming Swimsuits For Looking Your Best on the Beach or By the Pool

Slimming swimsuits have got the be one of the best inventions of all time!
Ladies, you know what I mean…we all can’t be a size 0 that can look great in whatever swimsuit we decide to wear.
We’re human and we all have flaws…Whether we need a little bit of help supporting the boobs, a magic force to hold in our tummy, a little extra coverage to hide the hips or all over help, slimming swimsuits come to the rescue.

Slimming swimsuits come in a wide range or styles, colors, brands and sizes so we know that you’ll find one that is perfect for your body.

It’s time to take off the cover up, come out from behind that beach towel & look sizzling hot!

Miraclesuit Will Help You Look 10 Pounds Thinner in Seconds
Aurora Slimming Skirted One-Piece Swimsuit

With extra control and triple the holding power, you can feel comfortable and confident that you look your best in Miraclesuit.
Gently shirred top accentuates while the flirty skirts hides your flaws.

Miraclesuit Aurora Slimming Skirted One-Piece Swimsuit Swimwear

Miraclesuit DD Cup One-Piece Swimsuit

Available in sizes 10DD to 18DD with built-in, foam-lined soft cup bra and comfort stretch straps, this Miraclesuit one-piece swimsuit smooths your midsection with its famous triple holding power.

Miraclesuit Women’s Too Haute One Piece Wide Strap Tank (DD Cup) Swimsuit


Need a Beach Cover Up? How To Make Your Own Swimsuit Cover Up

Plus Size Skirtini Swimwear

Skirtini’s are great for hiding a multitude of figure flaws.
From having inner or outer thighs covered, to hiding your lower belly and sagging butt a skirtini is a good choice if your problem areas are at your mid-section an below.
Skirtini’s can range in length from just a few inches to several that run mid-thigh.
If you have short legs opt for the shorter versions other wise your legs will appear to be even shorter.

It Figures! Slimming Styles

Please Note:
Figures! line of swimwear are designed to help cover and conceal your body flaws but they all do not have the same type of holding power that the other slimming swimsuits may have.

While some swimsuits in the line may have added tummy control you will have to read each product description to see if the slimming look is due to the swimsuit design, the fabric, the pattern of the material or if there is any added holding power fabric or materials.

While many of the swimsuits may not have additional holding power features you will find that each swimsuit is designed to cover, hide, accentuate and make you look your best. Their special designs and construction is what makes It Figures! such a popular choice in both plus size and standard women’s and juniors swimwear.

In addition to the It Figures plus size swimwear selections below from Amazon, we have also found a very nice selection of It Figures plus size swimwear at very good prices here –> It Figures Swimwear.

You may want to look at your choice at both locations since each has a bit of a different selection.