Pink Tool Kits For Women

By | February 26, 2017

Pretty Pink Tools For Women!

Hey, ladies! First and foremost, we’re girls, and we want things to look pretty — even our handy-woman or handy-ma’am tools!

So, here are a few recommendations for pink tool kits for women. They delight the eye as well as make fixing broken things around the house so much less of a chore.

With pink tools for women, you won’t have many of the male persuasion borrowing and not returning your tools, either. For some reason, men are allergic to pink. 😉

Pink tool kits for women make great holiday or Christmas gifts to consider for the handy women in your life.

Choosing Pink Tools For Women

Many women don’t aspire to be die-hard handy-women. They’re not looking for the best Makita, or DeWalt, or Bosch. They don’t want the latest in gas guns or high-powered drills. They’re just looking to have something on hand that will take care of the normal chores, projects, or emergencies that come with being a homemaker. The recommendations that follow will do the trick — and then some! The first two items are my favorite; you can’t beat the guarantee!

As gifts, these suggestions should make any practical woman’s eyes gleam — as long as she’s not receiving it from her husband. (Note to hubbies: If she asks for it, though, make a beeline to the checkout with it. Wrap it purty, now. 🙂

Quality Women’s Tool Kit

Handy for everyday chores

Little Pink Tool Kit (Pink)

Check out this toolmaker’s great guarantee: Hand Tools are “lifetime guaranteed.” If a tool should break, return it to us for a free “no-charge” replacement.

Pink Household Tool Kit

135 pieces

Apollo Precision Tools DT0773N1 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

Should come in very handy for small jobs!


Pink General Purpose

39-piece General Tool Set

Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-Piece Pink General Tool Set

Handy for those new to handy-woman work, new apartment dwellers, and college students


Pink Hammer For A Cause

Fighting breast cancer by hammering it out

TomBoy Tools 88-1887 13-Ounce Magnetic Pink Hammer

70% of sales goes to Susan G Komen Foundation for the fight against breast cancer. This is a true hammer for women – not a toy by any stretch!

Pink Safety Glasses

Wearing safety glasses is a good habit


Pink Tools Caveat

Some things to watch out for: 

I have found that a lot of makers out there change their products only through color. They don’t change the ergonomics — the weight, the handling, and such. In other words, just because it’s pink, it doesn’t mean it’s “designed for women.”

Another problem I’ve found is the quality. For instance, there’s a pink tool belt made of leather just like the ones for men; it has that pink color bleeding onto the clothing worn beneath it.

Pink Not-So-Pink

Women sometimes want more than pink. But, the problem with finding tools with colors that suit us is that these colored tools are created mostly as a fad and not with attention to detail or quality in mind. So, if pink is not your color, I suggest buying the better-known hand tools I’ve chosen for women and dipping them in, or painting them with, Plasti Dip, from Performix. It lasts for years!

Performix 075815122094 Create Your Color

Performix 075815122094 Create Your Color

Tints included are red, yellow, black, blue, and clear. Want something in the purple family of colors? Use red and blue tint. Want something in the greenfamily? Use yellow and blue tint. …As you are creating your ultimate color for your first “dip” or paint job, make sure to write down every step in the process so that you can re-create it for your other tools.