Paper Towel Holder

By | March 8, 2017

The Right Paper Towel Holder
Sometimes it’s the details that really set a room apart. Yes, even a paper towel holder can help to create a certain look or ambiance.

Now of course, these are functional devices too. Keeping paper towels neatly tucked out of the way; allowing quick and easy retrieval of the towels, but even when function is your only concern there are choices to be made.

If you don’t find the paper towel holder that you want, there are instructions and patterns for making your own at the bottom of this page.

Looking for a Holder?

No paper towel holder? We can fix that.

These handy little tools can mount on the wall, under a cabinet, or merely sit on the counter. Some are made of plastic, others wood, and some are stainless steel or other metals. We have them all here.

Find out which of these many paper towel holders is right for you.

What About Counter Top Paper Towel Holders?

Counter top paper towel holders can make the biggest statement in your decor, they sit out in full view and their look can compliment your decor through both their finish and style.

These holders are simple; no installation required. Due to this they are also convenient in the sense that they can easily be relocated at a moments notice!

The primary drawbacks to a counter top paper towel holder is that it consumes precious counter top space and, in some instances, requires two hands to retrieve towels.

Wrought Iron Counter Top Paper Towel Holder

Monazite PT-C-93 Acorn Paper Towel Stand Powder Metal Coated

This counter top paper towel holder will easily accommodate standard paper towel rolls. It has a wrought iron with a baked-on powder coat finish to ensure durability against indoor and outdoor elements, ensuring it can be enjoyed for years to come! It has a flat black finish and can complement a wide variety of decors.

Stainless Steel Counter Top Paper Towel Holders

Amco Paper Towel Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel

A beautiful contemporary paper towel holder that features a one handed tear bar and a weighted base that sits comfortably on the countertop.Dimensions:7″L x 12″W x 7.5″H Ideal for having paper towel holders within easy reach on the countertop and stainless steel themed kitchens that benefit from contemporary kitchen accents.

Find more Stainless Steel and Chrome designs below.

Wood Counter Top Paper Towel Holders

Willie Black Bear Paper Towel Holder Rack for Free Standing on Counter or Table (Great Kitchen Decor) 14″

This wood paper towel holder is a counter top model and also offers a matching toilet paper holder. Perfect in a rustic setting, it features a bear standing next to the holder rod. It offers a heavy solid base to assure ease of use and measures 14″ in height.

Perhaps an Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder?

Paper towel holders that mount under the cabinet help to maximize space. They free up counter or pantry space for their intended uses and yet tuck neatly away versus sticking out from a wall.

Their mount is secure and towels can usually be retrieved with a single hand.

The primary drawback to an under cabinet model is that it has to be installed and is therefore a little more complex than merely setting it on the counter. In turn, this means that it is also less desirable to relocate these holders since holes have been created to mount them.

Under cabinet paper towel holders are often avoided when over counter/under cabinet lighting is present. Many under cabinet devices can be mounted either under the cabinet or on the wall.

Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Rösle USA Paper Towel Holder

A beautiful Open Kitchen component for organizing a kitchen. It helps eliminate countertop clutter by allowing you to simply toss in a roll, plus there’s a slot and cutting bar in the middle so sheets can be torn off with one hand. Like all Open Kitchen components, the paper-towel holder is made of 18/10 stainless steel for rustproof beauty and long-lasting durability. The holder has a mirror finish and is dishwasher-safe. It measures 13.4 inches wide, 8.7 inches high (including hooks), and 6.7 inches deep. It accommodates rolls up to 11.3 inches wide and 6 inches in diameter.

Wood Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Mountain Woods Paper Towel Holder

Equip your home with paper towels using this Paper Towel Holder. Attach it under the cupboard or on the wall. You’ll appreciate the convenience and beauty of this wooden paper towel dispenser.

Iron Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Ballard Designs – Ballard Under-Cabinet Mount Paper Towel Holder – Natural Iron,Spear Fleur

This beautiful under cabinet paper towel holder is constructed of handcrafted wrought iron with rust resistant finish and removable finial to allow easy loading of paper towels. This beautiful design will compliment a wide range of decors.

Considering a Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder?

Wall mount paper towel holders, like under cabinet towel holders, save space but can protrude out into the room somewhat. They tend to be sturdy and allow single hand operation.

However, because they must be installed, they are not readily moved without repairs. Wall mounted models often provide a shelf or more ornamental features than many other types of holders.

Tips on Mounting a Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

A remodeling pro give tips and demonstrates how to mount small home devices in drywall.