Morning Star Bamboo Flooring

By | December 22, 2013

One of Your Best Sources for Bamboo Floors

Morning Star has established a well-respected name in the flooring industry that’s why most people prefer the Morning Star brand above any other options for flooring.

Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo is a fast-growing and sustainable plant, thus making bamboo flooring a more ecologically-sound choice.  Bamboo floors can be as hard as maple hardwood flooring.  However, they are not spared from dents and scratches just like any hardwood floors.

Morning Star bamboo boards have been pre-finished with aluminum oxide.  This provides an extra thick layer to minimize wear and tear.   Morning Star bamboo flooring is also easy to maintain. It is made of three layers of bamboo produced from reeds that are at least 4 years old, so Morning Star bamboo floors are durable and a good long-term investment.  The company also provides its customers a 30-year guarantee for the bamboo flooring.

Variety of Designs and Colors

Morning Star provides you with a wide range of colors and designs for their bamboo flooring.  The flooring comes in light and dark colors, so you can purchase the type which fits your preference for ambiance.  There’s a colored variety called carbonized bamboo flooring.  This type of flooring is manufactured by steaming the raw bamboo in a giant bath to heat the sugar content of the bamboo.  This process caramelizes the sugar and turns the bamboo into brown, thus producing a darker color without the use of chemical stains.

There are also a number of additional accessories that help you install the flooring yourself just like the way professional installers do.  Morning Star’s bamboo flooring is available either in nail/glue installation system or in Quick Clic installation system.  The Quick Clic method allows bamboo pieces to click together to form a smooth surface. With this type of installation system, you don’t need to use adhesives or nails to secure individual bamboo boards in place.

Where to Buy

Morning Star bamboo flooring can be purchased through online suppliers or you may check your local hardware outlets.   However, you can still expand your choices by comparing Morning Star with other brands of bamboo flooring.  By checking the Internet, you can examine the price matrix of different brands of bamboo flooring.

You can also read testimonials from different customers who have already bought Morning Star bamboo flooring.  If you are in no hurry, you may ask your friends and other contacts about what they know of Morning Star bamboo flooring, or you may drive through one store to another to test samples of different bamboo flooring products.