Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

By | March 2, 2016

Mickey Mouse has been a favorite character of both kids and adults for quite a few decades now. Over the years, tens if not hundreds of Mickey Mouse products have been released by Disney or companies affiliated with them. One of the most popular products of all times is the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker.

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Most people looking for this kitchen appliance find it quite surprising that there is not one, but actually a few of Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker models available from different companies. We did an on-line search for this product and here is what we found:

1. VillaWare V5555-01 6-Inch Mickey Waffle Maker

A true classic, unfortunately no longer available. It bakes a 6-inch waffle in the shape of Mickey’s face. It comes with a chrome housing, non-sticking interior, and an automatic thermostat. Although you will not probably find a new one in any of the on-line stores, checking eBay will probably solve the problem.

2. Villaware Mickey Then & Now Waffler

This is a special anniversary edition of Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. It allows you to bake four waffles at a time, each of them picturing Mickey in a different pose taken from his 75 year old history. It comes with a stainless steel top with an etching of Mickey. The waffler also has a couple of useful features, such as a ready light, a non-sticking coating, and an automatic thermostat. You can get it for $81.99 at GourmetWorld.com

3. Pop Art Mickey & Gang 5 in 1 Tasty Baker

This one is actually way more than simply a waffle maker – apart from waffles, it is capable of baking cakes, brownies, cookies, bread, pancakes, and…it cooks eggs. Pretty cool, right? It comes with a six mold plate, which will give you 6 waffles in the shape of different Disney characters. It has an adjustable thermostat, non-stick baking plate and comes with a bonus batter scoop and cleaning brush. It is available for $34.99 from Amazon.com.

These are the products currently available on the market. Sadly, the classic VillaWare V5555-01 6-Inch Mickey Waffle Maker seems to be out of stock. The Pop Art Tasty Baker is the only waffler available on-line at the official Disney Store. It is very likely, however, that new models of the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker will be introduced in future, so if the current products do not quite meet your expectations, you will most probably have a wider choice relatively soon.