Key Holder for Wall

By | March 11, 2017

Find or Make a Wall Key Holder

Wall key holders are a convenient way of organizing your keys and saving yourself the time of searching for them. Many of them are also decorative items that add some personality to a room. Some offer a place to organize other items as well.

On this page we will show you some wall mounted key holders to consider and, for those who don’t find what they want, some ideas on making your own.

How To Make a Wall Key Holder

The Easy Way I Did It

I’m not nearly handy enough to make my own key holder from scratch. However, when I don’t find just what I want, I am more than willing to adapt things to get a look I like. Thus, one day while I was out shopping, I saw some ceramic tile trivets that I liked on a clearance table. They were under $5 a piece, so I picked up a few when I began to envision an easy way of modifying them into a key holder.

The framing around the tile was metal, although it was painted, and I felt sure we could easily attach something for a hook.

The trivets already had a hanger on the back in case I wanted to hang it on the wall, and it had rubber feet so that when I did so, I didn’t have to worry about it putting additional scratches or holes in the wall. Digging through our stash of hardware in the garage, I came across some 1 1/4″ “cup hooks” that looked like they would be just right for my key ring.

My husband simply used a hack saw to cut off the threads on the hook, sanded off the paint on both the hook and the area where it would attach to the tile trivet on the back, held the two together, and using a propane torch, soldered the two pieces together on the bottom edge of the trivet.

After allowing our new key holder to cool, we cleaned it with soap, water, and a stiff brush. We allowed it to dry and then applied a little flat black paint with a small brush to match the finish of the tile trivet.

Then our masterpiece was hung on the wall. Now we have a couple of wall hangings and trivets on the countertop for some pots and pans which match up with my wall key holder. Obviously, we could have easily added more hooks to this tile trivet, but one is all that I wanted.

I haven’t tried it of course, but I can easily imagine that a trivet with wood framing could accommodate a similar hook although no soldering would be required.