French Sliding Door

By | April 24, 2014

Perhaps the ultimate in home design elements is the use of the sliding French door instead of the more common ultimate swinging french door types advertised and commonly installed in today’s homes.

It is true that somehow a simple patio door is elevated when it is deciphered as a descriptive and French door.  The ultimate french sliding door should also take into account your particular budget and fit into the overall design scheme of your home.

The exterior of your home should look as beautiful as the interior, so you will want to put some thought into your choices of wood grain, color, texture and glass design for your doors.

Each time you use your entry door as you access your home you’ll want to reflect back on the wise decision you’ve made when you decided to invest in the dream of your ultimate sliding French doors that take the beauty of your home to a new level.

French Door Style

If you are a true connoisseur of style factor, then you know nothing says prestige like the design of the French door accenting the entry to your home. They simply add elegance to any home be it a mini-manse or a suburban dwelling. Your modest dwelling can be elevated from a cookie cutter home to grandeur simply by adding French doors.

What sets a French door apart is the incorporation of the glass panels in the frame.  Usually frames are constructed of wood and other materials that don’t hold glass inserts very well or do nothing to compliment it.  However, you will find commercial French doors typically are made of steel, aluminum or exotic weatherproof wood finishes.

It may also have a solid panel of glass or several glass panels incorporated into the frame with unique etchings or cleverly laid clear glass panes.  For exterior doors the glass will most certainly be double paned which protects the environment of your home from excessive weather conditions such as beaming sun, but also doubles to reduce intrusive air entrance or exit.

The manufacturer may also install a decorative grill that is embedded between two panes of glass which helps create an extra layer of security and design.

French Door Designs

French door glass can either be opaque or transparent.  The glass is generally rated for transparency with ratings varying from one to five with five being the most opaque. Opacity of one is the most transparent.  An exterior french door is designed with more opaque glass as it offers more privacy and security for the homeowner, although a combination of both can be used.

You will find many design element options when choosing among the different types of glass.  It can be textured, beveled, etched or smooth and really comes down to what best fits your décor needs.

Most homeowners prefer the ultimate sliding French doors because of their aesthetic quality. There is no denying that they add sophistication to any home.

A French door allows more natural light to permeate throughout the room, especially when used as exterior doors. You also realize the benefit of natural light cascading into your home enlivening the rooms atmosphere better than any chandelier you might install.

French Door Security

Sure a French door is a thing of beauty, but it is also practical in that you can have them customized with built-in security features.  Modern designs typically use deadbolts or a multi-point (usually three-point) locking system that extends bolts from the door into the frame to secure the door to the jamb. This not only keeps intruders out. It also makes the door more weatherproof. Both doors should be fitted with mortise rack bolts (bolts fitted within the door and operated internally by a threaded key).

For even better security, add slide-rod locks to the top and bottom of one or both of the doors. If you’ve got an outward opening French door, add hinge bolts, as well. These bolts should be fit 4 to 6 inches (100-150mm) below the top hinge and above the bottom hinge.
Once installed your French doors have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years plenty of time to enjoy your investment.

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