Esthetician Uniforms

By | February 16, 2013

Many cosmetologists require to wear a uniform when they do nails, hair, skin, and other services. Esthetician uniforms come in a variety of styles for cosmetologists to wear every day. There are beautiful uniforms that estheticians and cosmetologists will need to wear when they work at a salon-spa or a medical spa. There are uniforms for both men and women to wear.

Cosmetology Uniforms

Cosmetology and esthetician uniforms have classy, modern styles that blend in to the peaceful atmosphere at the spa. Women have a variety of uniforms that are available to them. There are longer shirts or tunics that they can buy to wear. In addition, people can buy lightweight fabric coats to wear when servicing clients.

Some styles that spa employees will wear are modern uniforms, Tuscan uniforms, SOHO uniforms, unisex uniforms, and other chic styles that are found on online spa uniform stores. These cosmetology uniforms are perfect to wear, since they are made of breathable fabrics, and are lightweight. The uniforms come in neutral, bold, pastel, and other tones to blend well with the spa setting.

A uniform allows spa employees to create a professional look to show off to their customers. Many spas require spa employees to wear the same style and color uniforms. When spa owners want to set the tone for a relaxing, professional spa experience, they have their employees wear the same uniforms to work every day.

There are also leggings and other styles of pants that can match the uniform tops. There are scrub-like pants, flowing pants, tight leggings, and more. In a high-end spa, people will not see spa employees wearing jeans. The men may wear khakis, but no jeans. Men esthetician uniforms can be a lab-style coat, a Zen-style coat, or a tailored knit top.

Spa owners can employees can find cosmetology and esthetician uniforms online in bulk quantities, and in several different sizes. The prices range from $20 to $50 per uniform top. The price depends on the quality of the uniform. The pants and leggings are bought separate. People will often find the pair of pants that complement the shirt as an option. Spa owners will look online to buy a variety of sizes and styles for their employees to wear when they are hired.

There are many places that people can go online to view esthetician uniforms. Other places that spa owners and employees will go to are specialty clothing stores that supply uniforms to businesses. The price ranges from $20 to $50 per piece, and people will often get a discount if they purchase more than three uniforms at a time. There are stylish designs that will blend in well with the spa environment, providing a professional look at the same time.