Edible Butterfly Cake Decorations

By | December 1, 2013

If you love nature and enjoy watching the graceful flight of the butterfly, then edible butterfly cake decorations might just be the thing you need when decorating your cake. These beautiful, realistic confections are usually made of icing and rice paper or hard fondant and are safe to eat as well.

How to Make Edible Butterfly Cake Decorations with Rice Paper
When making edible butterfly cake decorations, you may need to use a special food colorant to draw its shapes on the rice paper. The ingredients (rice paper and coloring markers) can be acquired online or from local cake decorating stores. It is highly recommended to use food coloring markers on the rice paper instead of painting it with food coloring gel because the paper is very sensitive and might get damaged. However, food coloring markers should not be used to color the interior of the edible butterfly cake decorations because they would warp and wrinkle the rice paper.
After tracing the shapes of the butterfly on one side, turn the rice paper over and do the same on the backside. Because the rice paper is fairly translucent, it will be easy to duplicate the contour of the butterfly on the other side.
When the shaping is complete, use scissors to cut out the butterflies.
Next, use dry paintbrushes, brush the petal and luster dust onto the butterflies. Petal dust and luster dust are dry, minced food-safe colors and can be found online or at cake decoration stores. Nonetheless, they can’t be found in the cake decorating section at big craft stores such as Michaels. There you can only find sparkle dust, a product that will not stick to the rice paper and will not work well when making edible butterfly cake decorations.
If you use the method mentioned above, the edible butterfly cake decorations’ appearance and texture will be smooth and delicate. Alternatively, you can choose to create realistic looking edible butterfly cake decorations with fondant.
Cut the butterfly shape in half using scissors, separating in this way the two wings. Trace a line of black or brown royal frosting in the place where the butterfly will be situated on the cake and introduce the wings at an angle to give the impression that the butterfly has just landed. This creates a very impressive appeal on the beholder who can appreciate the beauty of the edible butterfly cake decorations.
How to Make Edible Butterfly Cake Decorations with Fondant
Fondant is another great choice when making edible butterfly cake decorations.  It creates a very realistic form of edible cake decoration that is very pretty to look at and lasts considerably longer than any types of edible cake decorations.
What to use: – A good supply of cornstarch sprinkled rolled white colored fondant / Fondant flavor of your choice / Fondant color of your choice / clean plastic wrap / rolling pin / an assortment of butterfly-shaped cutters / one half teaspoon of confectioner’s sugar / half teaspoon of meringue powder / two teaspoons of vanilla extract / warm water / a nice deep bowl / an electric mixer / damp cloth for cleaning up/ karaya gum.
How to Do It-First, add a little bit of karaya gum to the fondant and knead the fondant thoroughly to distribute the karaya gum evenly. Because of the presence of the karaya gum your fondant that you will use to create these realistic edible butterfly cake decorations will be more elastic and easier to shape.
If you want to give some color to your fondant, you can begin by adding one drop of the desired color and knead it. You can repeat this process until you are satisfied with the result. Then wrap the fondant firmly in a plastic wrap.
Now you can choose the base fondant for your edible butterfly cake decorations and roll it. Do this by using a rolling pin powdered with cornstarch   Lay the fondant on the table so that it will be about 1/4 inch thick (this is your decision, depending on the desired effect).
After your fondant is rolled, use a butterfly cookie cutter to cut out your butterflies. You can do this by gently moving the cutter back-and-forth. Then, put the fondant that you have left back in the plastic wrap.
Choose the colors that you will use to decorate your edible butterfly cake decorations. Now you can really get inventive: roll small balls of fondant to make dots or thin cords to make lines. Additionally, you can use smaller cookie cutters to form different shapes to decorate your cake with (flowers, hearts).