Country Porch Swings

By | September 26, 2016

You will find the best Country Porch Swings in a variety of styles from bench swings, chair swings, gliders and ropes or chain swings– Even the amazing chair lounger swing for your unique porch decorating project. This porch decorating series has gathered the most unique and amazing country porch and modern porch style swings for you.

You will enjoy shopping for your porch swing as much as you will enjoy spending an afternoon on the porch with tea and a good book. Great for an intimate evening, a gathering of friends, a family outdoor picnic, a porch swing is a total delight. The porch of your home becomes a comfortable extension of the home and you create a great place for friends and family to enjoy together.


Glider Swing

Swings Without Chains

Are you wondering if your choice is going to fit into your decor?

Here is a “general” Decorating Rule of Thumb: To consider…

For Major elements (furniture … higher investment items) If you are unsure… then ask yourself this:
Is it is a neutral AND do you LOVE it? If you answer yes to both questions, then it will ‘fit’ into your style. Neutrals can be dressed up or down to fit the style you are going for–which is amazing because you may want to adjust your style from season to season or holiday to holiday over the years. You will find using neutrals to have benefits you had not even considered.

If the item you are not sure of is more eclectic (rather than neutral)… then it will work if it is an accessory rather than a major element in the rooms design. Because an accessory can be moved and peppered around the room, no one piece will ever be overwhelming enough to be ‘wrong’ for the room. Remember this is still only if you LOVE the item.

4159aszbfel-_ac_us240_ql65_Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench, 4 Feet, Faux Wood

A glider bench is a great way to have a swing on your porch if you do not have the desire or the constructional provision to install a hanging swing bench or chair. If you do prefer a hanging swing bench or hanging swing chair those styles are show later on this page.

Prima Donna Bras

More Glider Style Bench Swings

Check out more of the most popular Glider Style Porch Swings

Glider style swings are so comfortable for everyone – from children to older people. A glider is relaxing and comfortable addition to your patio or porch.

Prima Donna Bras

Chain or Rope Porch Swings

When you would like a more traditional swing for your porch decor, you will want to shop around the chain and rope styles of swings.

Iron Patio Swing

Finding the best Swing for your country porch.

A more traditional swing bench is going to hang by rope or chain from your porch roof. Be sure you read each item’s details before making your purchase. You will need to know if things like chains, brackets, ropes, hardware, etc. are included with the swing or if the hardware is sold separately. Also, be sure to check to see if you need any special tools.

We have included some videos that may help you prepare for assembly and installation of your hanging porch swing. You may also check into the options to use a stand.

Iron Patio Porch Swing

Iron Patio Sun Ray Porch Swing

Iron is an element that can be very durable in the outdoors. Add the elegance of iron work and you have an heirloom quality piece of furniture that will give you years of enjoyment for yourself and for your loved ones.




Prima Donna Bras

Variety of Porch Swings To Choose From…

Porch swings come in a wide variety of materials and design

You can find the best porch swings for your design and you will have the enjoyment of hours of time spent with a friend or looking up at the stars. Reading a book or taking a nap are also amazing ways to spend your time on a porch swing. Invite a friend for tea and chat the hours away.




Prima Donna Bras

Limited Time Auctions for Country Porch Swings

Don’t miss out on these great buys!

Shopping at Amazon can be a very wise decision indeed. Click on any of these swings to read details or to shop for more variety. The swings on this page may change every day. It’s a good idea to check back often.
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