Best Two 2 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

By | October 1, 2016

Inspired Second Year Anniversary Gifts for your Loved One


Two year anniversary gift ideas are tough to come up with. The 2 year anniversary’s theme in both the US and UK is cotton. Cotton as a symbol represents durability as well as the ability to adapt to circumstances. It’s the most traditional material of the second anniversary gift, a modern take on the 2nd year anniversary theme is China. There is a lot of fun to be had with both themes. Here are a few fun ideas that might inspire you to find a great gift for your loved one.

Great Anniversary Experience: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Traveling through the skies in a Hot Air Balloon Ride is a truly unforgettable experience. Rise gently above the earth in your brightly colored hot air balloon. It will be flown by a pilot with countless hours of flight experience. You can actually go on a hot air balloon ride with Cloud 9 in many locations thoughout the US.

I Love You Pillowcase

Love You and Love You more pillow cases are very sweet valentines or anniversary gifts. They are screenprinted onto a cotton/polyester case and will last a long time, even when you machine wash them.

BoldLoft Say I Love You Romantic Pillowcases

Every night you lay down on these romantic pillowcases you are reminded again of your anniversary and what your marriage or relationship means to you. Incredibly sweet pillowcases that are very popular with readers. There are actually a few different designs available that are almost as cute as this one, although personally I think this is one is the best.

Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

The high thread count in this Egyptian cotton makes this a high quality fiber that is very soft to the touch. Very breathable sheets that will provide you with a cool night sleep to wake up refreshened. Perfect on theme gift for a 2 year anniversary.

Hammock for Two

What is more romantic then to spend an afternoon with the two of you in the Hammock on the deck, patio or in the garden. The only thing missing is a glass of wine and a book and it is a perfect picture. Great on theme 2nd year anniversary gift but that you will enjoy for many lovely days to come.solid 2 person hammock, perfect for on patio, garden, etc

Perfect Anniversary Experience: Wine Sail

Set sail in a 1929 Sailboat and sip wine while enjoying the view of the incredible Manhattan cityscape from the Hudson River. Wine experts that are aboard as guests will let you taste many different wines from the oldest wine importer of America; Wildman & Bros. The sailboat has already been admired in many tv shows from Instyle Wedding and Gourmet Magazine to The Apprentice.

Funny Cotton Two Year Anniversary Gift

Looking for an Anniversary T-shirt? Here is a very popular anniversary design for a 2nd year annversary celebration. There are more designs available both for men and women on Zazzle and they are 100% made out of cotton ofcourse. So a very much on theme gift, that’s pretty funny.

2 Year Anniversary Gift Idea: Jade Jewelry

Jade jewelry is as Chinese as jewelry gets. The fabulous deep green color has mesmerized many men and women through the years. The Chinese were true masters of crafting the most beautiful of pieces from this stone. To the right you see a modern Chinese style piece of Jade on a silver chain. If you like the idea of a jade jewelry gift but it’s too Oriental in style take a look at some more Jade Jewelry anniversary gifts.

Chinese Characters

Has your loved one always shown an interest in the Chinese characters? Then perhaps a book with the forty most important characters is a great gift. He or She can learn them all and how to draw them and perhaps it’s the first step into learning a beautiful and potentially very important future language. A usefull skill when you want to help your kids do their Chinese homework later.

Mahjong Set

If you two like to play Mahjong once in a while or would love to learn… a gorgeous red wood Mahjong set with brass fittings is a perfect gift. This set can be used to play American as well as original Chinese Mahjong and the manual for both is supplied in English. It comes with all the stones you need and two felt liend trays to store them.

Bone China Tea Cup Set

Very cute Gracie Bone China Tea cups with saucers. Most women melt for a set of these. It’s not such a huge commitment as an entire set of China, yet it’s very romantic now and then, when you are drinking tea. The roses are an incredibly sweet decoration. This 2nd year anniversary gift tends to be very well received by girlfriends and wives.

Xian Tomb Terra Cotta Warrior Statue

Over two thousand years ago the first Chinese emperor had an army of 8000 ife sized terra cotta warriors made. 700.000 workers put in 36 years to complete the project and when it was finished each of the soldiers was unique in looks. Today the monument is visited by two million tourists a year and these four soldiers are replica’s of four of the statues of this incredible monument. Very well made, they make beautifull gifts for anyone interested in the Chinese culture.

Beechwood GO board

Today the game of Go is played by over 40 million players. Most of them from Asia but there are also European and American enthusiasts of the incredibly simple but sophisticated game. This beechwood veneer set makes a perfect addition to your living room and will look stunning. At the same time it’s possible to spend unlimited amounts of time playing this originally Chinese game. It’s foldable so if you want to get it out of the way, this is very easily accomplished.

Gracie Bone China Dessert Plates

China being the modern theme for a 2nd year anniversary gift, a set of China plates is an obvious gift. A little bit less obvious and absolutely adorable is a set of China dessert plates. These 4 assorted 7-1/2 inch inch plates are really cute with their meadow designs. Perfect little gift for a second year celebration.