1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

By | September 26, 2016

Celebrate Love with Unique and Special Gift Ideas at your First Year Anniversary
The 1st year Anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your new love together. You can also reflect on your relationship and fantasize or take a moment thinking about the future. You may want to give each other gifts as a token of appreciation.

On this page you will find some of the best traditional and original ideas for your anniversary. Exciting experience gifts (like yachting tours or hot air balloon trips) from small romantic gifts to big outings neither of you will ever forget.

Traditionally the 1st year anniversary gifts are Paper gifts but in modern times this is open to wide interpretation and it includes ticket gifts, coupon gifts but also gifts literally made out of paper.


Traditional 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Perfect Presents for your First Year Anniversary

The traditional first year anniversary gift is a paper gift. A common gift is a beautiful notebook or scrapbook. You want a perfect gift that is also creative and fun and that’s why you should consider some more original ideas as well. Here are the 7 best traditional paper anniversary gifts.

#1. The Book of US

Anniversary Gift Ideas

The Book of Us is filled with 150 questions you can answer to get to learn eachother even better. It’s very popular and a fun and romantic book to go through together. It was written by Kate and David Marshall’s to help couples record the stories about their lives, beliefs and experiences together.
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#2. Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

The customizable marriage certificate  is a big hit among newlyweds. It looks great on an office wall or at home. Buy it from Amazon and get it framed nicely and it’s a very sweet gift.

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#3. Anniversary Stamps

Anniversary stamps are a really cute gift. You can get them customized with your date and name on Zazzle. It’s fun to be reminded of your One year anniversary every time you are putting a letter in the mail, and they are perfect within the paper theme. If you put an Anniversary stamp on a loveletter or note that can work really well too. Your spouse will love it.

#4. 1st Corinthians Chapter 13

This is a print of corinthians chapter Chapter about love and a perfect reading for it can be printed customized with any dates you your wedding year is displayed the left the date in center current anniversary this contemporary art version wedding or anniversary just customize print to fit your needs fits standard size x you order it framed real mat through custom framing.

#5. Recycled Paper Bracelet


Jewelry but made out of paper and beads, so perfectly fitting as a 1st year anniversary gift. It’s handmade by a Kenyan artist. For every item sold a donation is made to the childhood healthcare in Kenya.
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#6. Love Coupons


Love coupons are ideal as a cute side gift or if you want to spice things up in a fun way. There is a wide variety of them available. Read this article for a huge selection of choices in Love coupons and fun suggestions.
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Experience Gifts for your Anniversary

Make your First Anniversary a Day you will Never Forget

When celebrating your one year Anniversary consider to go on one of these eight sweet experiences. They are exciting, romantic and intimate. Having a day to spend together can be an incredible luxury and by spending it in a thrilling or ultimate relaxing way it will be a memory to cherish. Pick the experience that would make the perfect day for you as a couple and you will have a great day together.

#1. Brew and Chocolate Tour

In New York you can go on the Brew, View & Chocolate Bike Tour. A fun outing for the two of you and you both get to enjoy some of your favorite things. He finally gets all the chocolate he has been craving and she can enjoy a few special brews from the local breweries. Can an Anniversary be spend any better? I didn’t think so either. Book from Cloud Nine or see if a similar tour is available in your region from their website.

#2. Painting and Wine Party

This is an incredibly fun date to go on. At the end you will even have a paper gift for eachother. The Painting and Wine Party is something very different and casual. Some come for the painting and some come for the wine. Worst case scenario you have a very fun date and good wine but usually you end up with hilarious memories and who knows: You might find your true vocation.

#3. Chocolat Indulgence Tour

The Chocolate Indulgence Tour is a two hour walking tours that is sweetened a lot by the sampling of decadent chocolate turffles and caramels, cupcakes and chocolate brownies, Tom Douglas famous coconut cream pie, gourmet popcorn, cheesecake fromt he confectional (also known from TLC), colombian drinking chocolate, chocolate cocktails, gelato sorbets and chocolate truffle cookies. If your loved one is a chocolate lover these are two hours in heaven that won’t be forgotten for many years to come. You will score a LOT of points with this one.

#4. Spa Day for Two

There is no more relaxing way of spending the day of your 1 year anniversary on a Spa Day for Two. It leaves you two with a lot of flexibility how to follow up this day. The ultimate way to spend a day away from the hectic of your normal crazy lives and spend some quality time together while finally really being away from real life sorrows.

#5. Private Wine Tour

Find out if a Private Wine tour is available in your region. Usually there is and these can be very fun trips to take. Obviously you get to taste great wines but you also learn a lot about wine and about your local area. A sweet but very laid back outing that can be a great way to spend your anniversary.

#6. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride is the perfect romantic thing to do together on your Anniversary. It’s also incredible exciting and a special event you will not forget for the rest of your lives. The balloon slowly gliding over the area you live. You get to see it from a whole different perspective. A new perspective can be refreshing.

#7. Personal Chef Dinner

A Personal Chef Dinner can be a very special Anniversary experience. Hiring a private chef on your anniversary to cook you a romantic dinner offers the best of two worlds. Great cuisine and a romantic dinner without having to leave the house. It feels incredible special and intimate yet there is someone to take care of you and you feel like you are out.

#8. Romantic Cruise

Experience gifts are a modern take on the traditional paper gifts. A Romantic Dinner Cruise is an anniversary outing that is very popular with couples. It is a romantic cruise for dinner or lunch. These can be arranged as intimate 2 person events but are also memorable trips to take others with you on.

#1. Watches are Forever

 Since clocks are a modern way to express you determination to spend a lot of time together, Watches are an excellent way to express this feeling. Watches are made to last a lifetime and so is your love for eachother. Picking one out can be very hard. It’s one of the few pieces of jewelry that men can get away with though.

Because it’s the only piece he is going to be wearing chose one that suits his style but that is also a centerpiece. No need for subtlety with mens watches. Unless that’s his style ofcourse. In that case you can pick a luxurious and special but more toned down piece. In tune with his personality.

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#2. Boudoir Photo Shoot

A very exciting and sexy gift is a Boudoir Photo Shoot. Actually you don’t give a boudoir photo shoot but the results of the shoot. A very sweet and intimate gift that you will most likely love yourself, years down the road. This also qualifies as a traditional paper gift, so it’s very much on theme.

#3. His or Her Favorite Magazine Subscription

A subscripton to Entertainment Weekly or something may not appear to be the most romantic gift of them all at first glance, but your loved one will have a lot of fun reading the new issue every week or month. Depending on what is his or her favorite magazine. Spending time on the couch together reading, while staying at home can make for the best sundays of the year. This is a gift of quiet time together..
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#4. Vintage Wall Clock


Wall clocks or alarm clocks are very modern gifts to express your love at the 1st year anniversary mark. Pick a clock that means something to your love. It is meant to mark the good times that have been and that will be. You can really pick any style of clock you love as a gift as long as it suits your partner. This vintage port wallclock is a beautiful wallclock if you ask me.

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#5. Anniversary Mugs


Very cute 1 year anniversary mug by Zazzle. A very cute and lovely gift. If your loved one isn’t one to say no to a cup of coffee it’s a great gift. You can also get a set of two for matching mugs.

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#6. Steampunk Wall Clock


This Steampunk Wall Clock Heart Pierced Cupid is a very cute and creative variation on the wall clock theme that is a modern take on the first year anniversary theme. I love this heart shaped model with the cupid arrow through it. The bronze color and steampunk look makes it all the more special. Can either be a great addition or contrast in many homes and is definitely a conversation piece.

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#7. Pillow Case


Incredibly cute boldloft we belong together pillow cases, that are a perfect gift for your anniversary. You’ll be able to enjoy these for many nights to come.

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DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas

Another very popular thing to do is to make a DIY anniversary gift. Now, to be honest I’m not the creative type myself… My style is to think of creative things to buy! However, if I had any talent in working with my hands, I’d seriously consider a DIY anniversary gift. It’s a very romantic gesture if you can pull it off… However if you aren’t sure about your DIY talents, start early so you can always take the easy way out in case it is an utter failure. To make it a success spice up your skills with some help of the creative Youtube commmunity: